Art days with Andy the artist

On Monday 4th March and Tuesday 5th March 2019, the children in Reception and Nursery had the opportunity to work with Andy, an artist who works closely with school, on an art project for the outdoor areas where they play. The children had lots of fun creating lots of different pieces of art. They made a snap dragon puppet, a picture frame, a picture for their frame, they experienced printing with ink of a dragon, water painting of a dragon, clay flowers and working on the large pieces of art work for the outdoor areas; the school badge and the Manchester Bee.

The children had lots of fun and learnt lots of new creative skills as well as developing the creative skills they already had.

Exploring the Snow

The children have had lots of fun today exploring the snow and ice. The children watched the snow falling, picked the snow up and had lots of fun throwing the snow. It was very cold outside and the children were wrapped up warm.

Exploring the outdoors

We have had lots of fun exploring our outdoor area. We have been practising a lot of skills during this time. We have been jumping, running, hopping, skipping, riding a bicycle, kicking a large ball, hitting a beanbag with a bat, throwing a ball into a hoop and balancing. It has been very tiring.

People who help us ICT work

We have been learning about People who help us in the community. We have learnt about lots of different jobs that people do such as the police, fire, paramedics, doctors, nurses, dentist, vets, chefs and all the different people who help us at home and at school. We then used the 2Paint program on the computer to draw some of these people. Can you find your job?

Exploring number

We have learning lots about numbers. We have been practising our counting, recognising numerals and matching numeral to quantity. This is us matching numeral to quantity. It was a lot of work counting!


We have been reading the story Superworm and found lots of rhyming words. We explored rhyming words by playing rhyming pairs and created our very own rhyming strings.

Exploring length

We have been reading the story Superworm. In Mathematics we explored length and height. We used the vocabulary long and short to describe the length of objects and tall and short to describe the height of objects. In the playdough we made long and short worms then put them in the correct order starting with the longest worm. Do you think we did a good job?

Making bread

We have been learning all about Autumn and have read the story The Little Red Hen. In the story the Little Red Hen made some bread so we made our own. We had lots of fun and once the bread had cooled down we put butter and jam onto it and ate it all up. It was very yummy!


We have been reading the story the Little Red Hen. In the story the Little Red Hen found a grain of wheat and planted it. We decided to plant some daffodil bulbs to see what happens when plants begin to grow. We learnt that plants need soil, water and light to grow. It was a very messy job but lots of fun too!

Exploring Bonfire Night

We have been learning about Bonfire Night. We talked about it being celebrated on November 5th, why we celebrate Bonfire Night and how we celebrate it. We were interested to know what parkin was and how it tasted so we made our very own parkin. It was very yummy!

Exploring Diwali

We have been learning about Diwali. We talked about it being celebrated in November, why we celebrate Diwali and how we celebrate it. We read the story of Rama and Sita. We really liked the diva lamps that are used during Diwali so we used clay to make our very own.

Exploring distance

We have been learning about distance. We have learnt the vocabulary furthest and shortest. We used ramps and cars to measure how far the cars went and then counted the number of footsteps to decide which car went the furthest. It was lots of fun!

Exploring time

We have been learning about digital and analogue time. We talked about different ways we can tell the time, the features of a clock and how we write the times differently for digital clocks. We found an o’clock time on the digital clock then showed this time on an analogue clock.