April 2019 – Farm Visit in School

Foundation stage got to meet the farm animals in school from a mobile farm. There was a tortoise, a duck, a chick, hens, a lamb, a goat, a donkey, a pony, a cow, and more. The children had a fantastic time stroking the animals, brushing their fur and finding out all about them.

Visit to the Science and Industry Museum – November 2018

Reception classes have been to visit the Science and Industry museum in Manchester as part of our Transport topic. We saw cars, carriages, aeroplanes, helicopters, motorbikes, trains and lots more. We had a fantastic day.

Local Area Walk – September 2018

We have been for a walk in the local area close to our school as part of our People and the Communities topic. We had a look at the buildings around school and thought about the people who work there. We saw a Police Station, a Mosque, a Church, a car garage, a petrol Station, a sandwich shop, a hotel and lots more. We also saw bus drivers, taxi drivers, an ambulance and delivery vans and trucks. The children crossed the roads safely and shared lots of ideas. Well Done, Reception.