Summer 1 2019

On the 17th May 2019 we were lucky to have Andy the Artist come into school to work with us. We have been learning all about the Romans and in particular Roman Mosaics. We found out what they were used for and what they were made from and even had a go at designing our own! When Andy came into school we had the opportunity to create some mosaics as a class project. Here they are! If you want a closer look at them come to the Year 3 door where you will see them displayed out the exterior wall of the school.

Spring 2

During this half term we have continued to look at lakes and develop our map reading skills. On one of the first Spring days we took advantage of the outdoors and tried to locate the grid references and lakes of the Lake District on large Ordinance Survey maps. Here we are in action.

Spring 1

We have been learning a lot about Lakes this half term and we were lucky enough to go to visit Hollingworth Lake as inspiration for both our Geography and our English learning. It was a wintry day and we were very cold but we still managed to enjoy ourselves!

Autumn 2 2018

Stone Age Workshop

We were lucky enough to be visited by an expert all about the Stone Age! We spent some time learning about time lines and the different kinds of humans who were around at the beginning of the Stone Age. We then had the opportunity to complete different activities and see some genuine Stone Age Artefacts! In the afternoon we spent some time dressing up as Stone Age people and shooting targets with a bow and arrow or a spear!

We had an excellent day!


Trip to Hollingworth Lake

Today we went on a trip to Hollingworth Lake near Rochdale. We travelled in wintry weather to experience a real lake. When we were there we thought of lots of adjectives to explain our senses and learned more about the physical geography of a lake. Inside the visitors centre we looked at nature photographs and tried to draw some of the creatures and plants which can be found there. Even though it was very cold we had a good day.