Thursday 23rd May 2019

We had a fantastic time going to Chester Zoo. We had the opportunity of finding out about rainforest animal’s habitats and we were able to find out about produce which comes from the rainforest. We were able to ask a range of questions and we were able to experience what it would be like to live in the rainforest. We also had the opportunity to go round Chester Zoo and find out about the different animals and which habitat they live in.

Science Workshop Photos

Tuesday 12th March 2019

Today we visited Oldham Sixth Form College to conduct and take part in lots of science experiments. We really enjoyed our time at the college. We were able to try new science equipment such as using a gauze, Bunsen burner and a tripod. We made popcorn, sherbet and we also made rainbow in a tube. We all had a lovely time!

Reformed Synagogue visit – 18th October 2018

On Thursday we visited the Reformed Synagogue in Manchester. We left our school and walked to the tram station, to take the tram to Manchester. It was very exciting to see where we were heading.

We got off at St Peters Square and we were able to view the memorable for remembrance day before travelling to the synagogue. Once we reached our destination, we were greeted by a lady called Mrs Gould. We walked into the entrance of the synagogue and the boys were told to wear a kippah.

Mrs Gould told us many interesting facts about the synagogue. We looked at the ark and we even had a chance to look at the remarkable toras. We found out they were made out of parchment paper and they were hand written. In addition, around the synagogue were stained glass windows with the stories from the Old Testament. We were able to ask her questions to help our understanding.

Monday 12th March 2018

5T’s trip to Oldham Sixth Form College

We really enjoyed our trip to Oldham Sixth Form College where we made some science experiments. We questioned whether the experiments were irreversible or reversible and these investigations link to our science topic of materials and irreversible changes.

Our first experiment was to see what will happen to corn kernels when heated up. We poured corn kernels into a beaker and then we tightly fitted foil around the beaker and poked eight holes into the top. Next we heated the corn kernels in a beaker on top of a Bunsen burner and a gauze. We waited until the temperature of the beaker was hot and we watched what happened… the corn kernels had become popcorn! After, we were able to flavour our popcorn with salt or sugar and we could take it home to eat.

Our second experiment was to investigate what would happen when boiling hot water is poured onto skittles. We arranged our plate with the skittles around the outside. Then we poured the boiling water into the middle of the plate and we watched what happened…

Our last experiment was mixing icing sugar, baking soda, citric acid and jelly crystals. We had the opportunity to choose which jelly crystal flavours we wanted. We found out that we had made sherbet and were able to dip our lollypops into the sherbet to taste it!