STAFF LIST 2017/2018

Teaching Staff:

Mr. M. Cummings                   Headteacher, Co-ordinator for computing, Child Protection and Performance Management

Mrs. E. Beswick                      Assistant Headteacher, Science Co-ordinator and Student Mentor

Mrs. S. Jones                         Assistant Headteacher, SENCO and Literacy Co-ordinator (shared)

Miss K. Pizuti                         Assistant Headteacher,  Curriculum Leader, Assessment and Mathematics (shared)

Mrs. L. Green                         Subject Leader: History

Mrs. A. Etchells                      Subject Leader: Music

Mrs. J. Coyne                         Subject Leader for MFL and Art and Design

Miss Z. Fallows                      Subject Leader: Geography

Miss P. Mistry                         Subject Leader:  Subject Leader RE

Miss J. Lumb                          Subject Leader: English (shared)

Mrs. E. Osayande                   Subject Leader: D and T

Mrs A. Hardy                          Class Teacher

Mrs A.  Long                           Nursery (NQT)

Miss A.  Davies                      Y1 (NQT)

Miss J. Booth                         Y3 (NQT)

Miss S. Taylor                         Y5 (NQT)

Miss. M. Lavin                        EMAS Co-ordinator (shared) and ECO.  Support Teacher

Mrs. C. Wright                        Teacher Reception and EMAS (shared)

Miss A. Coghlan                     Subject Leader: Mathematics (shared)

Miss H. Parker                       Subject Leader: P.E. and Healthy Lifestyle

Mrs. B. Ayaz                          Bilingual Teaching Assistant

Miss S. Steadman                 HLTA (Nursery / Reception)

Mrs. D. Higginson                  Learning Mentor and First Aider

Miss D. Holden                      Teaching Assistant

Mrs. J. Millington                   Teaching Assistant

Miss A. Imran                        Teaching Assistant. Foundation Stage

Miss D. Merrington                Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Kousar                        Teaching Assistant

Mrs. S. Seedat                        Bilingual Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Y. Hussain                      HLTA Bilingual Teaching Assistant


Administration Staff:

Mr W. Lenhan                         Business Manager

Mrs W. Ashton                        Administrator

Mrs R. Sheeran                       Secretary

Catering Staff:

Mrs S. White                             Kitchen Supervisor

Mrs M. Appleby                       Assistant Cook

Mrs J. Clayton                          Catering Assistant

Mrs J. Saxton                          Catering Assistant

Mrs A. Rider                             Catering Assistant

Caretaker:                               Mr P. Grimes

Welfare Assistants(Lunchtime):

Mrs. Chowdhury

Miss. Jackson

Mrs. Mahmood

Mrs.  Nonis

Miss.  Pomfret

Mrs.  Shafiq

Miss  Parker