Partnership between Ashton West End Primary Academy and Changzhou City Bo’ai Primary School

Ashton West Primary academy is proud to be working in partnership with Suman Education in Manchester in hosting teachers, head teachers and other educational professional from China who regularly visit the UK on CPD training. We have a partner school in China, Changzhou City Boai Primary School.

Skype with our Partner School – Friday 16th November 2018

Today some of our year 6 pupils had the chance to talk to some pupils in our partner school (Changzhou Bo’ai Primary School) in China. They were the same pupils who visited us in July. It was great to speak with them and find out what they had been doing since we last saw them.

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Staff visit – 12th July 2018

Eight pupils and three teachers from Changzhou Bo’ai Primary School, Jiangsu, China visited Ashton West End Primary Academy on the 12th and 13th of July 2018. During their time with us they attended lessons and took part in a range of activities. We had a musical performance on the first day in which our visitors played their Chinese musical instruments and played with the samba band. The year 6 pupils had the opportunity to learn some Chinese from our visitors. It was an enjoyable two days for our visitors and the pupils of Ashton West End. We hope that one day some of the pupils of Ashton West End will have the opportunity to visit Changzhou Bo’ai Primary School.

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Here are some comments from the children at Ashton West End Primacy Academy about our wonderful visit:

‘When the Chinese people came, it was a great experience to be face to face and talk to someone Chinese. The best part was when we did some art with all of them. We had such fun!’ – Alfie

‘I loved the experience of meeting the Chinese students and showing them the values of our school while also spending time with them through fun activities. Although we had a language barrier it still didn’t stop us or them from forming a bond and communicating with each other. I enjoyed talking to and interacting with Alisa (a Chinese student) because she was a very easy-going, calm and relaxed individual. I especially missed seeing her go after creating a connection with her and was sad to see her go. Overall, I was delighted with their visit and took pleasure in being with them.’ – Zainab

‘It was a blast meeting all the Chinese students, having a chance to speak and interact with them gave us the opportunity to make friends. Their English was superb, and it made everything easier for us. When we had a chance to copy and write Chinese, they helped us when we struggled.’ -Tahira

‘On the 12th 13th of July Chinese students came to visit our school. I enjoyed playing football with Harry. ‘ – Abdul R

‘I really enjoyed the company of the Chinese. It turned out some of them knew a lot of English especially Cindy. they were really good at maths!’ – Aaliyah

‘ When the Chinese pupils visited our school, I had an opportunity to make friends with them. My friend was called Dio (she was nice). Dio was amazing at gymnastics (even better than me!)’ – Amelia

‘When the Chinese people visited, I was so astonished with how much English they knew. Just in two days, I made many friends, but it was hard communicating with them. I really enjoyed the two days with them and I hope I could meet them again.’ – Faila

‘On the 12th & 13th of July, Chinese students came to visit our school .They played football with the other year 6 boys and had a lot of fun. When they were leaving, everyone gave gifts.’ – Hashim

‘When the Chinese pupils came to our school, I didn’t know they knew English that well. The girls were Cyndy, Tina , Alisa , Dior and Teo. They were really nice to us. We played some English games with them and the best one to them was the ‘four in a row’’ – Laiba

‘When the Chinese people came, I met Dior. I couldn’t believe how fast she was! She was so good at the art we completed and the boys were really good at football. They taught us some Chinese and I felt guilty because they knew so much English and I only knew how to say hello in Chinese.’ – Malaika

‘When Chinese pupils came to Ashton West End, I was shocked that the girls named Cindy, Alisa, Lucy, Tina, Dior and Teo could do all sorts of gymnastics things especially the splits. However, they were polite and were fast and excellent at times table rock stars. I hope they had an enjoyable time here also children around them made them feel welcome as well.’ – Noor

‘It was fun playing with Harry, Johnny and Carl. They surprised me when they knew some fluent English. Carl scored 2 goals, Johnny was brilliant in net only letting 2 goals in and Harry was a strong defender and enjoyed playing.’ – Rhys

‘On the 12th & 13th of July Chinese people came to our school. The best part was when we got to play football with them and one of them scored against our best goalkeeper.’ – Reece

‘When the Chinese pupils came to our school, I had so much fun. It was exciting making friends. It was amazing how much English they knew and picked up. I also had fun playing with them on the playground.’ – Rukhsar

‘ The one that I was most connected with was Dior, she knew the most English and was fun to play with. I was surprised at the fact of how much English they had knowledge of and how entertaining they were.’ – Sanaa

‘When the Chinese people came, I enjoyed playing games with them. I was surprised when they could do time table Rockstar’s in 1-2 mins and I was shocked when they could do gymnastics. I really enjoyed when Alisa was playing 4 in a row with me.’ – Zara

‘I really enjoyed having the Chinese people at our school as it gave them a chance to experience what games we play and what we do in our different subjects. I did not expect them to speak much English, but they were surprisingly amazing at speaking it. I also enjoyed when they taught us how to write and say Chinese.’ – Zakria

‘I extremely enjoyed the visit from the Chinese visitors, I was surprised by their lack of knowledge and amount of English they knew and were very entertaining to spend time with and we actually had a quite a bit in common!’ – Zoya

‘I really enjoyed it when the Chinese pupils came, they were kind and the one I liked the most was a boy called Harry. He was good at football.’ – Zain

School Partnership Pictures

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