Cinderella – January 2020

In Reception we like to listen to stories. We saw the Pantomime of Cinderella and we have listened to the story. We have enjoyed retelling the story of Cinderella outside with the character masks.

Creative skills – January 2020

In Reception we like to build, make and use our imaginations in lots of different ways, using our own ideas. We have made models of cars and wands in the workshop, trains in the classroom and houses and race tracks for the cars in the outside area.

Fruit Salad – October 2019

We have been learning about keeping ourselves healthy. One way we have talked about is eating fruit. We listened to the story of ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ and we really enjoyed making our own fruit salad. We washed our hands to get rid of the germs and then we chopped and peeled, mixed and poured. We used bananas, grapes, pears, apples and orange juice. Then we ate our fruit salad. It was delicious.

Reception Class Work – September/ October 2019

In Reception we have been busy getting used to Reception and being in school all day, learning the routines and exploring new opportunities. We have made and used play dough to develop our fine motor skills.

We have been learning about People in our Community. We have been drawing, painting, making, and writing all about People who help us and finding out about where they work. We have enjoyed playing in our role play Police station.