Update: 18.5.20

Australian Animals


Update: 5.5.20

Hope you are all safe and well at home. I am doing just fine but I miss all your smiley faces. 
To help with your computing skills-This is a really useful website that the children have used in school to help with their understanding of coding and algorithms. It’s great for the whole family.
Click on the web link. Then either go to ‘Get Started’ or scroll down and go to ‘Learn at home’ then click on any of the 3 activities. Enjoy the challenging activities and don’t forget ‘Keep trying, don’t give up’. 
See you all soon 
Miss Mistry



Update: 29.4.20

A lovely book to read with your family whilst learning from home!



Home Learning Activities – Creative

Home Learning Activities – Literacy

Home Learning Activities – Maths

Science – name 5 things challenge cards


Update: 21.4.20 

Hello IM :)

I hope everyone is safe and healthy and I hope you are all listening to your parents.

I hope you enjoyed completing the activities I set last time.

I will be setting some more activities in the next couple of weeks and these will be based on the topics we should be doing in school after the Easter holidays.

21.4.2020 – Home Learning



Reading at Home with your Child

Phonics at Home Booklet

Rhyme Pack for Parents



Please follow the link below for online classrooms and activities for learning at home:



Hello 1M. How are you? I hope you are all safe, healthy and listening to your parents.

I am safe and healthy but I do miss you all.

I have sent home some work to keep you busy but that won’t last long! So, I will also be setting you some tasks/challenges on our class page and putting on some helpful websites that have fun activities.

Please see the link below for your latest home learning activities.

I hope that you enjoy these tasks/challenges. Everyone, please stay safe and healthy.

Speak soon :) 

Miss Mistry

Home Learning activities