2C spring 3  English writing Tiger who came for tea

Class 2AC enjoyed writing an alternative version of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We planned how we could change the story and wrote our own version.

2C spring 2 History sorting toys

Linking maths and history 2AC worked in pairs to create a venn diagram of old and new toys, we were surprised that some toys we use today were also popular many years ago.

2C spring 1 sorting materials

Class 2AC used our topic book library loan to research how different materials are used all around us.

2C aut 1 writing goldilocks
Autumn 2018 2AC have enjoyed writing their own version of a traditional tale – Goldiliocks .

2C aut 2 sorting animal groups
Autumn 2018 2AC worked well in groups to decide which animal belongs to which groups. We talked about what features each one had that made it belong to that group.

2C aut 3 science sorting parts of plants
Autumn 2018 2AC worked well in groups to sort out which part of a plant we eat.

2C aut 4 science parts of a plant
Autumn 2018 2AC enjoyed creating our science display where we have labelled parts of a plant..

2C aut 4 science parts of a plant
Autumn 2018 In pairs 2AC painted pictures of poppies on rocks which were taken to Stamford park as part of events across Tameside that remembered 100 years since the end of World War I.

2C autumn 7 calendars
Autumn 2018 We hope parents enjoy our calendars for 2019!

2C autumn 8 art repeating patterns
Autumn 2018 We have some very talented artists in Y2AC who are enjoying observing and creating repeating patterns.