Update: 20.7.20
Hi 3F! 
Welcome to your final week in year 3! I know this has been a very strange year for you and just want to let you know you are going to be fantastic in year 4 and will more than meet the challenge. Just remember to do some reading over the holidays and practise your times tables. Do a little bit each week just to remember what we learned when we were in school. I know it seems to be a very long time ago now. 
Over the holidays take some time to sleep but try to get back into the routine of going to bed early and getting up the in the morning so that it isn’t a very big shock in September. You don’t want to be exhausted in your first days in year 4! You are going to really enjoy being your new teachers class, feel free to talk to be about it when you see me around school too! I want to know how you are getting on. 
After a conversation with a parent I did a bit of research into the reading challenge. Logging onto the reading challenge seemed to be a bit tricky for some so here is some updated information. 
Don’t forget about your log ins for Mathletics, Espresso and Times Table Rock Stars. Spending a bit of time on each of these will help you remember. Scroll back down the page to find links to ebooks if you need them. 
If you can log on to Sharepoint myself and Mrs. Hardy have uploaded a selection of learning on there for you to have a go at! Don’t forget to put it into the folder called completed learning so we can see it!
Have a wonderful holiday!
See you all in September, keep safe and well! 
Miss Fallows x
Update 23.6.20
Hello year 3! 
Here are some more learning ideas for you to be getting along with while we are at home. Just to keep you up to date on when I am in school as you know I am not in every day. Until I let you know otherwise I’m in school every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of the school year and as the year is coming to an end I will be popping in on other days as needed. 
English: Keep reading as much as you can, if you need new reading books please bring them into school and place them in the boxes and they will be changed when I am in next. You could have a look at the following videos to help you with your writing and try to write some stories, informative reports or even persuasive pieces of work. 
Maths: We would be learning about time at the moment and then moving onto the properties of shape and finally measures using capacity and mass. Keep logging on to Mathletics to find these units of learning. 
History: Romans and their impact on the UK. 
Science: Animals and Humans 
Art and DT: Mosaics 
Again you can complete written work, art work, projects and any kind of work which sparks your imagination. 
After speaking to your parents over the past two weeks I know there is some boredom amongst you. All I will say is do what makes you excited and keen to learn something new! Keep trying hard everyone I am so proud of you and enjoy hearing what you have been working on each week! 
See you soon (hopefully!)
Miss Fallows
Update 10.6.20: Reading Challenge!
Hello everyone!
As you know each year we encourage you to take part in the reading challenge, well as the libraries are closed this will be slightly different this year with the libraries offering access to e-books, audio books, games and quizzes online. All you need to do is click on the link below and enter some simple information to get started! It’s completely free as usual so don’t worry about that. 
Hope to see some of you taking part!
Keep well!
Miss Fallows 
Update 8.6.20 
Hello Year 3!
I hope to find you all safe and well and not driving your parents too mad! Today is the official start of the last half term before the Summer holidays and I wanted to get you caught up on some of the things you would be learning if we were in school. Whatever learning you are doing, it doesn’t always need to be written down try to be creative! If you make a model, do a painting, make a collage, build a science experiment and you want to show it to me take a photograph and stick it into your homework book. If you’re running out of space in your homework book by now, then let me know and I will try and sort something out for you. As  you are aware, I’m trying to contact your parents each week to see how you are doing and see if you need anything. In the office are learning packs for you to pick up, I’m trying to create a new one each week! Remember to keep up with times table rock stars, mathletics and explore espresso.
Learning this half term: 
History: The lifestyle of the Romans and how they changed England. 
Series 6 episode 9 of Horrible Histories is all about the story of Boudicca.  
A day in the life of a Roman Solider
Horrible Histories Rotten Romans Compliation
Romans Homes (scroll down to the BBC video at the bottom of the page)
You could have a look at Roman Homes, Roman clothes, Mosaics, Roman Religion and Roman sports (including gladiators and chariot racing). You could make your own mosaic, Roman shield, act out a Roman battle using tactics, have a go at making Roman food or even making a model of a Roman Villa. 
Science – Animals and Humans
All about the skeleton!
Food groups 
Vertebrates and Invertebrates
Keep your eyes peeled for new videos over the next few weeks! Or until we are back in class!
Keep safe and well! 
Miss Fallows 
Update: 6.5.20
Great links for reading competitions and activities:
Update: 5.5.20
Hello Year 3! 
Please go to this website to find out some Maths and English learning pages you can have a go at! To find them click on the link and scroll down the page until you find the year 3 section. A new one will appear each week so keep checking back. If you don’t have a printer write the question in your book and answer it there. At the top of this page is a link to Classroom Secrets Kids, this is free at the moment but it will need a password and email address to access. 
Update: 20.4.20
Hi 3F! 
Hope you are all well! Its officially the start of the summer term and have found out about some online lessons which you could take part in for maths. Just click on this link! 
Also one of my favourite humans Sir David Attenborough is going to be teaching some online lessons along with some other celebrities. It’s a brand new part of bbc Bitesize which is a resource we have used in class. Follow this link to find out more! 


Have fun learning new things!
See you soon!
Miss Fallows 



Please follow the link below for online classrooms and activities for learning at home:



Update: 13.4.20
Hello again 3F!
Hope you are all keeping well and busy during our time away from school! I must say not being in school every day is very odd but my house is tidier than it has ever been, I’m learning how to cook new things  and I am keeping on top of all my work, including finding new and exciting learning for you to take part in. If you are running out of home learning sheets, here is a link to a new one which is free and just needs to be downloaded. 
https://www.planbee.com/free-teaching-resources/free-home-learning-packs This has maths, english and some other topics on it. 
Why not have a look at learning how to cook? I know a lot of you will helping your mums cook at home but if not why not have a go at some of these activities? 
You could even try to learn how to sign! I know we have been learning French in school but what if you meet someone who is deaf and doesn’t have any spoken vocabulary? 
If some of you are finding PE with Joe Wicks a little on the intense side or you just want to try something new to keep you going have a look at this website. It’s got lots of different ideas on it you can do (from the safety of your home or garden)
Those of you who are still feeling at a loose end, why not try being creative, make some models, paint pictures, write your own stories and illustrate them! Why not invent a new character and send them off on a crazy adventure. You might even want to write a diary of your time away from school. This might make it easier to understand any strange emotions you might be feeling at this time. 
If you are looking for extra homework activities for your yellow book then please look at the homework section of our class and find new homework grids to be getting on with. Write the title of the activity and the date you do it at the top of the page you are working on and try your best! 
Just going to leave you with this:
Image preview
Until next time! 
Keep safe you wonderful lot! Miss your faces 
Miss Fallows 
Hello 3F!
I hope to find you relaxed and happy and still raring to go with your learning – you are all doing so well! If you’ve already finished the learning pack I have sent you, which I know some of you will have, then I will be updating this with lots of new information and ideas to keep you busy while we can’t be in school. Below you will find some helpful links to websites and what you can learn from them. 
https://www.literacyshed.com/home.html This website is jam packed with images and short videos to inspire you to write stories, make news paper articles and comic strips. I’ve also added a link to a website where you can download your own comic strip out line. If you don’t have a printer you can always draw some boxes in your homework books. 
Mathletics, TTRS, Numbots (log in to this using your Mathletics log in) and White Rose hubs are all fantastic places where you can find fun things to do when learning about Maths. 
If you go onto Youtube and search for year 3 primary science lots of videos and ideas for home experiments will appear. Give some a go at home if you have the equipment or watch carefully what happens. 
Every day at 9am Joe Wicks the Body Coach is going to be giving a half an hour pe lesson on youtube. 
You can now learn how to do lots of different art skills using the videos on this website if you are looking to be creative at home. 
Reading is a fantastic pastime, you know this about me year 3, so please try to read lots of books while you are at home. If you run out of books at home here are some options: 
Now that libraries are closed you can access lots of free books on Audible which is an app from Amazon: www.audible.co.uk 
https://www.creativereview.co.uk/authors-bedtime-stories-isolation/ You will need an instagram account for this, ask your parents to follow the author! 
If you google any of these websites you can have access to whole libraries of books. Have a search and see what you discover! 
  • Oxford Owl
  • Storyline Online
  • International Children’s Digital Library
  • Open Library
  • Amazon’s Free Kids Ebooks
  • Barnes & Noble Free Nook Books for Kids
  • Mrs. P’s Magic Library

That’s all for now! Hopefully there is loads to keep you entertained there until we are back in school. Keep checking back regularly. I will be keeping active and working on my assignments for university and for school. 

Speak soon! 
Miss Fallows