Update: 23.6.20

Hello to all Year 5 pupils from Mrs Beswick and Mrs Coyne!

Hi strangers! I cannot believe how long it has been since you were in school. It has been really strange without you and although I have spoken to some of you on the telephone, and seen one or two in school picking up work etc. it just isn’t the same is it?

We have put together 2 new packs for those of you who are not coming to school from the 29th. One is a maths pack, and one is for English. These are available in the reception area in school.These packs are designed to use over a few weeks and should be plenty for you to be doing in addition to your Times Table Rockstars and Mathletics and Espresso work. You are also able to bring back your reading books and pick up new ones if you have nothing to read at home. Someone asked what you could be doing for work other than maths/English. This is when the BBC Bitesize lessons or Espresso is such a good resource as you can tackle work on all areas of the curriculum. So have a look!

I hope you are still keeping active and fit as well as doing some learning.   It has been excellent weather for getting out, walking, playing games and riding bikes.  So keep moving!    Now it is a little safer for you to meet up with friends/relatives, so this will be nice for you.  But always follow the distancing guidelines please. 

Lots of love and best wishes from Mrs Beswick and Mrs Coyne. 



Update: 15.5.20

Hi Year Five!

I hope you are all still being good and staying safe. I bet some of you have been thinking of new ways to keep fit! In my house we have a rowing machine and I do some of the keep fit videos on TV. The problem is, we have a new puppy.  Anytime I am doing exercises on the mat on the floor,  she jumps on me! 

We are going for walks every day and also having bike rides.  (Yes I can ride a bike!) Mrs Coyne has been making her garden nice by painting some new garden benches. She has lots and lots of stairs in her house, so I think she is super fit going up and down these!

It has been a long time now hasn’t it? I have enjoyed phoning all of you up to check you are OK. I have been able to speak with your parents and some of you too. It makes us happy to know you are being well looked after and are managing to do some school work so it won’t be too much of a shock when you finally come back to school.

We have put another Y5 pack in the office if you have run out of things. Some parents have asked for more spelling books as these have been filled up. So I have put some of these in the Y5 box too.   You can return you reading books for a new one at the same time.

Please keep safe and happy.   We will get through this by taking care of each other.

Love from Mrs Beswick and Mrs Coyne



Update: 21.4.20

Dear Year Fives (and parents!)

We hope you are all well and are making sure you are helping at home. Don’t stay on your computer games and Youtube all day! Have you tried BBC Bitesize yet?  There are loads of lessons for Primary children and some have been recorded by celebrities!

There is quite a list now of activities you can try on the Year 5 homework pages.  However, if your parents would like you to have any more work packs,  there are maths and English packs available for collection in the school office.   Please ring school before coming to collect.

We are missing you all so much.  Please stay safe and hopefully we will all see each other before too long.

Love from Mrs Coyne and Mrs Beswick



Please follow the link below for online classrooms and activities for learning at home:




Happy Easter 5B!

Hi everyone. It’s Mrs Beswick again. I hope you are all fine and still behaving for your parents! I really hope you are able to get some time outside, but be careful to stay away from others to keep safe.

Have you tried any of the homework yet? I have been in school to do lots of jobs Miss Pizuti has asked me to do. I am missing you and our classroom is very quiet without you.

Mrs Coyne and I have been thinking about some nice things to keep you busy. If you have a look on the homework page, you will see some new activities. Please don’t think you have to complete them all, but choose a few things from the list to keep your brains active!

Hope to see you all before too long. I will write again soon.

Love from Mrs Beswick



Hi 5B!

Mrs Beswick here!

I hope you and your families are all well and are following the government guidance to keep yourself safe and healthy. I am missing all of you very much, but the most important thing is that you are all safe.

Have you been working through your packs? Although it is a strange time, it will help you if you do a little learning every day (please don’t force yourself to complete everything all at once). There are other activities you could be doing too. How about this:  

Draw yourself a flower with 10 petals. Inside each petal write or draw something you are grateful for.You will easily be able to fill every petal! My flower included petals with  ‘MY CLASS’ inside. (I didn’t draw you though!)   

Have a look on our Class Work page. I have taken pictures of your toucans and also of your World Book Day work. See if you recognise your own work. I am going to hang them up in our classroom like we planned and will put a new picture of this when I have done it! 

Also look at the Homework page. I will add any links of ideas to help fill your time.   

I am missing you all and I will send another message next week.      

Love from Mrs Beswick.