September 2019


A very warm welcome to 5C! I would like to welcome the children to Upper Key Stage 2.

In October, as part of our R.E. topic on places of worship, we will visit a Hindu Temple and a Synagogue. It will be an exciting learning experience and I am sure that the children will have memorable experiences of their visits.

Our main topic during the autumn term is Ancient Greece. We will be researching about how they lived, what they were famous for and what they believed in. This topic is spread across many subjects in the curriculum, such as English, Art and History. Please read our class newsletter on the website if you want to know more about what we will be learning about in each subject this term.

I am looking forward to working with all the children in my class and supporting them through the year to reach their full potential. I have high expectations of the children so that they can work to their best throughout their time in Year 5.

Mrs Coyne