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Spring 1 – Geography

This half term we have continued our topic on Lakes. We learned about the location of Lakes around the world and plotted them on maps using atlases. We progressed to learning about ‘The Great Lakes’ of North America and created information pages. To cement our learning in this topic, we visited Hollingworth Lake. We had an incredible day and the children gained lots of understanding and knowledge about the geographical features of a lake as well as the surrounding area and environment.



Spring 1 – Maths

We have been using a range of different methods and strategies to multiply and divide. We have been multiplying 2 digit numbers by one digit numbers using place value counters and then working more abstractly using partition method. We then used this knowledge to divide using our knowledge of multiplication facts.



Spring 1 – RE

In our religious studies this half term we have been looking at British Values. We discussed at length what it means to be British and key features of British society such as The Royal Family and Democracy. Using our understanding of democracy, we created our own political party and made campaign posters to demonstrate hour aims. We worked in teams to agree on a manifesto and some key aims before designing our campaign posters.




Autumn 1 – Our Stone Age Topic

This half term we learnt all about the Stone Age. We explored the story of Ug and created our own version thinking about what it would be like to go back in time.

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We also investigated a Stone Age break in!! Somebody from the Stone Age travelled in time and broke in to Ashton West End Primary Academy! The children interviewed staff, made predictions, wrote newspaper articles and produced their own news broadcast. It was incredibly exciting!

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To further our learning about the Stone Age, we invited Mr B (a history genius) into class for the day. We investigated and explored Stone Age artefacts; our favourite part was learning about the weapons. Later on in the day we had the opportunity to role play and dress up as Stone Age people before trying to hunt and capture a wholly rhino. We then used the replica spears to hit targets in a mock hunting session. We had a lot of fun and learnt so much!

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