Spring 1 Week 6

This week, as part of our PSHE curriculum, we were visited by Tameside’s Community Service Team. We discussed the new campaign which teaches children all about hate crime and prejudice in our society. The workshop encouraged the children to think about different scenarios and how they would behave and act as well as providing them with information about what to do if they feel they are a victim of hate crime. It was very informative and interesting. 


Spring 1 Week 2

This week in RE, we have been thinking about how compatible Science and Religion are. We watched a video about a scientist who also has a very strong sense of religion. From this, we discussed how scientific beliefs and religious beliefs vary amongst the Christian community. 

Wednesday 8th December

This week in Art and design, we have been using clay to create pottery inspired by the Ancient Greeks. We have previously explored shape, pattern and style and today we had the opportunity to create our own. We learnt how to shape the clay and use the tools to create pattern and designs. We really enjoyed this lesson!















This week in History, we have been learning about the Battle of Marathon. This was a battle between Athens and Persia  where  Athens  requested  help  from  Sparta  (another Greek   province).

We imagined that we were a soldier for either the Athenian or Spartan army and wrote a diary entry from their perspective. We recalled the main facts of the  battle  and  included  this  in  our  diary.