Summer term 1

This half term we have been working in hard in all areas.

We are particularly proud of our learning in RE.

We have been learning about the beliefs of Hinduism. We have paid particular attention to Ahimsa and the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, who was a firm follower of this belief. We created google doodles to demonstrate the core principles of Ahimsa.




Spring 2 Week 4

In History this week, we have been learning about the many examples of racism exhibited during the wind rush period. We examined different forms of racism and discussed the impact. 


Spring 2 Week 2

This week in Science, we have been learning about inheritance. We watched a video that explained how certain characteristics can be passed down to later generations.

Spring 1 Week 6

This week, as part of our PSHE curriculum, we were visited by Tameside’s Community Service Team. We discussed the new campaign which teaches children all about hate crime and prejudice in our society. The workshop encouraged the children to think about different scenarios and how they would behave and act as well as providing them with information about what to do if they feel they are a victim of hate crime. It was very informative and interesting. 

Spring 1 Week 4

This week in History, we have begun to think about the evacuees from World War II. We thought and discussed with our groups how the children would have felt and the experiences they would have had. It was very enlightening to learn about the lives of children during the war.



Spring 1 Week 2

This week in History, we have begun to think about World War II. We completed KWL grids that show what we already know, what we would like to learn and what we learn over the half term. We listened to the announcement made by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.







This week we have been really focusing on improving our scores during Timetables Rockstar time. we spend 3 minutes every day answering as many questions as we can out of 60. We do this whilst listening to ‘Rock Music’. It is great fun and really important for our maths skills to be able to recall all multiplications and divisions up to the 12 times tables.