Weekly Awards™️ (@weeklyawardshow) / TwitterWeekly Awards™️ (@weeklyawardshow) / Twitter
Here at Ashton West End Primary Academy, we like to recognise and reward excellent behaviour and contribution to the school. Each week, children from across the school are selected as excellent examples and role models and recognised in various ways.




Weekly Award Assembly

During Friday’s Award assembly, children from each class are selected to share in their achievements. They receive a medal and special certificate in recognition of their learning efforts and achievements.



Proud Award

For years 2-6, each Friday at 12, the playleader supervisor will collect one person from each class to sit at the ‘Proud Table’. The table will have table cloths and the children will get to have their lunch earlier (if older, of course it will be around the same time for younger children), sit with the sports coaches and then get to spend quality time afterwards with them. This award is in recognition of children who promote kindness and represent our role models of our school rules and behaviour expectations. 

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