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Covid 19 Information:

Behaviour Policy – with Covid-19 update

Business and Learning Continuity Plan

Plan for Bubble Closure

Coronavirus Policy 2020

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy September 2020 – Covid 19

Cleaning Risk Assessment 13.10.20

Ashton West End COVID Risk Assessment Updated 26.01.21

Catch up Funding Report

AWEPA Remote Education Statement

Online Safety Policy

AWE Covid 19 Restricting School Attendance in Lockdown RA Addendum

AWE Testing RA January 2021


Our Recovery Curriculum

Below, you will find our plans for possible missed learning due to the Covid 19 crisis. We are calling this our Recovery Curriculum, which acknowledges that there have been big losses to children as they have stayed at home. The focus for school during the Autumn term will be on ensuring that pupils are ready to learn, therefore, social and emotional learning will be prioritised. The act of recovery is at least as much an emotional and social one as it is academic, and our ability to recognise and plan for this will be at the heart of our learners’ eventual success.  Please find more information below:

Our Recovery Curriculum: Intent, Implementation and Impact

Our Recovery Curriculum: Foundation Subjects

Our Recovery Curriculum: Reading, Writing and Maths