Who are we?

                Mrs. Green                                                                                                                                               Becky

Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead                                                                                                         Pastoral Attendance Lead.


We work to ensure that all children are happy, safe and secure in school and that any barriers that may affect learning are addressed. We know that family life can be both challenging and complex, our job is to support, guide and advise parents and carers and work with children and their families to ensure appropriate support can be accessed, either from within the school or through using the expertise of other services.


Together we:

  • Nurture and support any child who is experiencing barriers to their learning, preventing them from achieving their potential.
  • Support all of our pupils recognising that each and every one is a unique and valued member of the Ashton West End Family.
  • Work with closely with other agencies (Social Care, Health, Voluntary and Community Groups etc.) to support the families and carers of our pupils.


How we help?

Anybody who has a concern about a child, (Parents/carers/family/ adults based in school or even the children themselves) can come and to talk to us, we will always listen and try to help.

Some of the things we support with:

  • Child behaviour (both at home and school) 
  • Establishing and maintaining routines and boundaries 
  • Child development
  • Getting to school and improving attendance
  • Advice and assistance with finances/benefits (including free school meals)
  • Mental or physical health worries (Both Adult and Child) 
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Transition into school, settling in and moving onto Secondary School
  • Access to support groups and services in your community
  • Family support (including:       

                                        – Relationship breakdowns

                                        – Bereavement and loss

                                        – Housing)


To contact us please come into the school office, phone the school on 0161 3304234  or  email : admin@awepa.org.uk and ask for  Becky or Mrs Green.

Information shared with us will be confidential unless a child’s safety might be at risk, in which case we have a statutory responsibility to share this information with other professionals.