During the school year, we have a winter and a summer menu. Each menu works on a three week cycle and there is a range of options to choose from each day. Please see the current menu below:

Summer menu 2024


Environmental Health Communication

FHRS Letter 07.12.2023


A Healthy School is one that promotes physical and emotional health by providing accessible, relevant information which equips pupils, staff and families with the skills and attitudes to make informed decisions about their health. 


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Healthy eating information:

Fact File – Practical Tips

Fact File – Food on a budget


Family Meal Planner – Issue 1

Family Meal Planner – Issue 2

Family Meal Planner – Issue 3

Family Meal Planner – Issue 4

Family Meal Planner – Issue 5


5 Day Lunch Planner – Issue 1

5 Day Lunch Planner – Issue 2

5 Day Lunch Planner – Issue 3

5 Day Lunch Planner – Issue 4

5 Day Lunch Planner – Issue 5

5 Day Lunch Planner – Issue 6


This leaflet contains ideas on what constitutes as a healthy packed lunch. This leaflet is from Tameside’s Children’s Nutritional Team.

Packed lunch Leaflet – Bitesize

Tameside’s Children’s Nutrition Team also release newsletters with advice and handy tips. Please find the latest newsletter below:

CNT Newsletter Nov