Exploring the snow 4.12.2020

It was snowing today! We were so excited.  We went out for a short exploration in the snow and talked about making snowmen and snowballs, how cold it felt and how it made our hands freeze.  We had lots of fun and hope it snows again very soon.  We want to see who can make the best snowman.


October 2020

We have been learning about keeping ourselves healthy. One way we have talked about is eating fruit. We really enjoyed making our own fruit salad. We washed our hands to get rid of the germs and then we chopped our own bananas, piece of apple and grapes using a table knife and segmented our own pieces of tangerine. We added some juice and mixed them all together. Then we ate our fruit salad. It was delicious.



Monday 19th October 2020
In Literacy we have been reading The Little Red Hen.  We have acted out the story and even changed the characters in the story to create our own version.  Today we made some bread.  It was hard work mixing the dough.  We are going to eat our bread tomorrow for snack.  Yummy!


Thursday 15th October 2020

This week we have been learning about the signs of Autumn.  Today we went for a walk around our outdoor areas to see what signs of Autumn we could find.  We had lots of fun playing in the leaves.








Week beginning Monday 7th September 2020

Our first week in school!

This week the children have been exploring their new classroom and making lots of new friends.  Here are some photographs of the fun we have been having.