Update: 20.7.20
Home Learning WB 20.07.20
Hansel and Gretel
Jack and the Beanstalk
Little Red Riding Hood
Traditional Tales pencil control
Number cards 0-20 The Gingerbread Man
Environmental Print
Story pictures
Positional Language
Hi Nursery, 
How are you all? I have put another pack in the school office for you. It is also below on the website. From next week, we will be using Sharepoint to share home learning with you. Information will be in the newsletter and I will update you on here on how to access this. Please ensure that you bring your library books back to the office. They all need to be returned by the end of July and we have lists of those that are missing. 
Speak to you all soon, 
Miss Marshall 
Home Learning Instructions
2d shape sorting
Goldilocks Powerpoint
My story map
Pencil control
Websites for Early reading:
You do have to subscribe but one month free for Vooks https://www.vooks.com/
Reading eggs has got lots of reading games and it’s free for a month https://readingeggs.co.uk/?_ga=2.175088932.702811820.1593608270-534411617.1593608270
Hi Nursery, 
How are you all doing? I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and keeping busy. Remember, school is now open for Nursery children so if you would like your child to come back to school please let the office know. Mrs Hussain will now be ringing some of you on Thursday. If you would like any specific learning or have any questions leave a message with Mrs Hussain and she will pass this on to me. 
I hope to see you all soon, 
Miss Marshall
Home Learning Instructions
‘First’ and ‘Then’ worksheet
Time conjunctions
Road sign hunt


Update: 16.6.20


Hi Nursery I hope you are all ok!

We have had some Thunderstorms near my house today! It rained lots so let’s hope it helps the plants to grow. I had a walk up to a place called Werneth Low at the weekend, it’s at the top of a very big hill so I could see lots and lots of houses and buildings! What can you see in your local area?

I have put your packs in the school office with your name on them. I will update the website weekly but if you have not been able to collect last week’s pack I will not print an updated pack until the previous pack is collected. I can then keep track of who is picking up their packs and it will also to help save paper! If you would like a pack but have not been able to collect last weeks, please tell me and Miss Steadman when we ring on Wednesday. I can then print you a new pack and you can collect them all as soon as you can. 

Remember you can bring learning into the school office and put it into the file. I will look at this when I am next in school.

Speak to you very soon,

Miss Marshall

Home Learning Instructions

2D Shapes

The Three Little Pigs Pencil Control

Rhyming Words Home Learning Activity Sheet

Orally Blending and Segmenting Information

Phonics Activities


Update: 10.6.20

Hi Nursery, 

I will also be giving information each week for Phonics lessons you can do at home. These are short sessions that you can do in a quiet environment at home for a short period of time. 

Here is a website that helps to break down Phase 1 phonics:


We focus on each aspect in Nursery and do lots of different activities to help to develop different skills. I will be giving some you different activities each week. See the attachment below for some different ideas. 

Miss Marshall 🙂 

Phonics Activities

Rhyming pairs


Update: 9.6.20


Hi Nursery, how are you all doing? What lovely weather we have had the last few weeks! I am hoping that the sun starts to shine again soon! I have been doing some walking in the Peak District and going out lots on my bike. Have you been doing anything exciting?

I am going to continue to leave packs in the school office each week (you can collect these after Wednesday) and I also am going to change some of the library books you have to choose from. You can take a library book as many times as you would like! I am also going to leave a tray in the office for any completed learning. This can include learning packs or any other learning/ activities you have been doing at home. You can leave this in the tray with your name on and I will be looking when I am in school. I look forward to seeing what you have been up to at home!

 I am now giving home learning that is about key texts that we would have learned about in school. Please see the ‘home learning’ document with some different ideas of how to help your child with their learning. This is also in your home learning packs. Our story for the next few weeks would have been ‘The three little pigs’.

Me and Miss Steadman will also be ringing parents on Wednesday’s now until we open. If you would like your child to attend Nursery when we do open (and have not already confirmed your place) please give us a week’s notice so we can plan the numbers of children safely.

I was looking forward to seeing some of you on Monday 8th June however I now hope to see you very soon instead!

Miss Marshall


Home Learning instructions for ‘The Three Little Pigs’

‘The Three Little Pigs’ Story

Story map activity

Little pigs counting activity

Beginning, middle and end activity

Number cards 0-20


Update: 21.05.20

Hi Nursery, how are you all? I have attached some ideas to help with Writing while you are home! Remember, you can come and pick up a learning pack and library book from the school office. Speak to you very soon.

Miss Marshal

Writing in EYFS


Update: 13.5.20

Hi Nursery, how are you all? I look forward to seeing you again very soon! I will be calling again on Thursday morning so if you would like anything in particular for your child please let me know and this can be arranged. 
I have also left some more learning packs in the school office for you. You can go to the office to collect a pack and also take a library book. Please put the reading books we gave you in the box next to this. 
This week, I would like you to do lots of exercise and practice moving your body in different ways. There are some activities below for fine motor skills (this is to help your fingers and hands get stronger and will help with your writing) and gross motor skills (this will help your whole body to get fit and strong!) I have also attached some Phase 1 ideas that will help with ideas for listening at home. In Nursery, we have daily Phonics sessions to develop our listening skills. This helps with hearing sounds to read and write when you get older! Try and have a go at some of these activities at home. 
Speak to you all soon, 
Miss Marshal

Fine motor skills

Gross motor skills 1

Gross motor skills 2

Phase 1 phonics ideas


Update: 6.5.20

Some great links for nursery and reception children:








Update: 6.5.20

Hi Nursery, 
How are you all? I am very happy that the sun is back! I look forward to speaking to your grown ups on Thursday morning. 
Have you been busy? I can’t wait to hear all about it once we get back! This weekend we did a very exciting quiz online with our friends and we had to make a hat! I don’t have many hats at home so I made one using tin foil which was very fun! Maybe you could make one at home?
This week I would like you to read lots of stories. You can find lots of books online or on youtube or follow the link below. 
Parents you can help your child by: 
  • Try sharing familiar books at bedtime. Pause when reading so that your child can join in. Point to the words as you read them. 
  •  Talk about the sounds at the beginning of words and words that start with the same sound. Ask ‘What sound can you hear in this word?’ eg p-p pig/ e- e- elephant 
  • Encourage your child to recall what has happened in the story. For example, ‘Why is bear feeling sad?’
  •  Ask them to guess what might happen next – ‘What should they do next?’ ‘What do you think might happen on the next page?’ – or how the story might end – ‘Do you think they’re going to find the treasure? Where could it be?’
  • Talk about what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.
  • Draw a picture of the characters in the story.
  • Create a story map. Draw pictures of the story in order and then join them with arrows.
There are some other ideas to help reading at home on this website: 
The Oxford owl website has lots of free e-books online that you can read with your child. You can easily set up a free account with an email address: 
You can also try these super fun activities this week: 
  • Try role-playing games together such as shopping. Set items out on the sofa, give your child a bag and some pretend money. Then switch roles and let them be the shopkeeper.
  • Play teddy bears’ picnic. Put soft toys in a circle and give your child a few cups and spoons. Give your child a chance to tell you what to do like, ‘Stir teddy’s tea.’  You could chat to them as you are doing actions, for example, ‘let’s cut the cake in half’.
  • Start conversations by using open questions with lots of possible answers, for example, ‘What are you going to play with today?’
  • Plan a treasure hunt game, where your child has to listen to your instructions to find a clue or an object. For example, ‘Try looking behind the sofa’. Help your child look for a specific number of objects and count them together – such as 3 cups, 2 pink socks, 5 pens.
  • Help your child make a puppet show about their favorite story using objects around the house.
  • Play sorting games together. Collect a range of different household objects and practice sorting them into different groups, perhaps by size or colour. Once you have finished, count all the objects in each group.
  • Play a make-believe journey game with your child. Make a car out of a cardboard box that you decorate together, or just grab some cushions, pile in a few teddy bear passengers, and let your child drive you off on an adventure.
(These ideas are taken from https://hungrylittleminds.campaign.gov.uk/. This also has lots of ideas for your younger brothers and sisters to keep busy at home!) 
Can you also practice counting up to 10, recognising numbers 1-5 or 1-10 and don’t forget to keep practicing writing your name. You will need to put your name on all the exciting learning we will be doing once you’re back at school! 
Speak to you all very soon, 
Miss Marshall


Update: 30.4.20

Hi Nursery, if you have paints at home then here are lots of fun activities you can do with paints. I miss painting with you all in school! 
You could even create one of these beautiful pictures using salt and paint! I’m sure if you don’t have water colours paint mixed with water would work just as well.  


Update: 29.4.20

Hi Nursery, how are you all? I hope you had a lovely Easter break and have enjoyed the sun over the last week!

I have been busy going on bike rides in my local area and I am trying to go running each week. I have also been enjoying the sunshine and reading lots of new books. I have been using this time to do lots of work but also practice some skills such as getting better at Yoga.

From next week, all teachers will be phoning all children in their class. For Nursery, this will be every Thursday morning, starting from next week (Thursday 7th May) and I am looking forward to seeing how you all are! If you would like any specific extra learning for your child please let me know when I call you and I can arrange this. If you think that school does not have an up to date number please call the office before next Thursday. Please keep your phone available during this time.

This week, could you create a collage from all the things you have been doing while you have been off? This might be drawings, writings, photographs, notes or collage (it may be you could collage leaves from your garden or wrappers from all the healthy foods you have been eating!). I look forward to seeing these when we get back into school!

Here are some other ideas of activities you can do this week:

1. Mix together some water and paint in a pot and paint your patio/ garden. You could also use chalk on the floor.

2. Water the plants outside and check to see how they are growing.

3. Find the rhyming pairs on the sheet that is attached. Can you find any other rhyming pairs in the house such as tin and bin?

4. Try a food that you have never tried before.

5. Have a video/ phone call with different family members.

6. Make a den with sheets/ cushions/ clothes and anything else you can find in your house!

7. Have fun with playdough. This is very easy to make (the recipe was in your home learning pack but can be found online easily too). What can you make with playdough?

8. Make a picture using potato printing. Ask your parents to cut the potato into different shapes and sizes!

9. Plant some seeds if you can and see how much they grow.

10. Look at shadows. Take time to look at shadows in your garden/ house. What are shadows? Why do you think we have shadows? Can you draw round the shadows that you find? Maybe you could wait for a little while and see if the shadows have moved!

Remember to keep practising counting, writing your name, drawing lots of pictures and playing with the people who live in your house!

I have also been looking at different websites for you to look at while you are off: https://www.storynory.com/

This has lots of different stories you can listen to. Remember to talk about the characters, events and ask lots of questions about the stories you have read. Can you guess what happens at the end? Which story was your favourite? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p089k7y7

This has some lovely podcasts that you can listen to. A podcast is just like a story/ poem without pictures. Can you practice really listening to the podcast without any pictures? I have been listening to some different podcasts at home too! https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/school-radio/eyfs-wiggle-waggle-index/zdw9382

This website has some lovely songs that you can sing and dance too! It makes me feel happy to sometimes to put on my favourite songs very loud and dance at home!

Also, remember to keep checking the school twitter page and follow us if you do have twitter. When back at school, lots of our learning will be uploaded onto this! https://twitter.com/awe_academy

Speak to you all soon,

Miss Marshall

Home Learning – Find the rhyme

Home Learning – Rhyming pairs




Reading at Home with your Child

Phonics at Home Booklet

Phase 1 Games to Play at Home

Rhyme Pack for Parents



Please follow the link below for online classrooms and activities for learning at home:




Hi Nursery, hasn’t the weather been lovely? I hope you have been out in the garden if you can or even looking out of the window to see the beautiful sunshine!
It is now Spring time. The weather is getting warmer and the leaves are growing back on the trees. We did lots of learning about Autumn and Winter during your time in Nursery. This week I would like you to do some learning about Spring.