Hi Nursery, here are some challenges for you to be trying while you’re at home. I can’t wait to hear all about them!



Hi Nursery, how are you all doing? It’s currently our second week at home and I miss you all very much. I have been into school doing lots of learning and have been busy at home too! 
I have been doing lots of learning at home and trying to find lots of activities to keep you all busy! I started to go running in the day time, maybe you could try running in the garden and running a little bit further each day? I have also been trying to do some yoga everyday to get my body moving. It’s really important that we keep healthy during our time off! You could join in with Cosmic Kids Yoga. We all really enjoyed this in school. 
We were getting so fantastic at our Maths in Nursery so it’s really important that you keep doing lots of Maths at home and to keep counting lots. You can count ANYTHING such as plates, teddies, shoes, socks and even how many windows are in your house! have put the link below to our Jack Hartmann counting songs as we had lots of fun doing this in Nursery.  We have been practicing joining in with his counting to 10/ 20 songs but you could try the 100 song if you feel like challenging yourself! 
At the zoo 
Do you remember our topic on zoo animals? We had lots of fun reading stories and learning about different animals that live in the zoo. This week, can you look at the story Dear Zoo? You could draw a picture of your favorite animal and hide it, and ask your family to guess what animal you have drawn by giving clues. 
You can watch Dear Zoo here:
Chester Zoo also had some fun virtual tours last week and you can find them all on their youtube channel. What animals can you see? What is your favourite animal that lives in the zoo?
I will keep posting here with lots of activities you can do while you’re off so keep checking. Remember if you do any learning/ activities at home you can bring the learning/ photographs in and we can show it to our friends when we get back. I will speak to you all soon. 
Keep safe, 
Miss Marshall 


Hi Nursery,

I hope you are all OK and not missing school too much! Miss Marshall is trying to keep busy and looking out for any fun activities you can do at home while you’re off. I will keep this page updated regularly so keep checking!

Twitter page

Parents/ Carers, remember you can keep up to date with school twitter page. This is also updated with lots of activities you can do with your children while they’re off.



Twinkl has lots of activities you can print for your child. They are offering this free for one month. You can access this by clicking on the link below and creating an account. The code is UKTWINKLHELPS.


You can print any resources that you think your child will enjoy. Twinkl also have a range of challenge cards for children that you do not necessarily need to print.  


Harper Collins is giving free access to its online learning platform, Collins Connect, for the length of the school closures. There are some lovely books you can read together. These books are interactive and have music alongside the stories.

Go to https://connect.collins.co.uk/school/Portal.aspx

Click on the Teacher portal and enter

Username  parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password  Parents20!

And click  Login

Books include the ‘big cat bookshelf’. Although we are not yet reading words in Nursery, you can still read these books with your child.

  • Look at the front cover and talk about what you think the book might be about
  • Talk about the characters in the story
  • Read the words for children and point to each word as you read
  • Ask lots of questions- Who is in the story? What might happen next? What might happen at the end? Did you like this story? Why?


Joe Wicks is now streaming daily PE sessions at 9am Monday- Friday. I will be joining in with these to stay fit and healthy!


Maths games 

Use the Top Marks website to play interactive maths games. My  favourites include ‘Teddy Numbers’ and ‘Ladybird spots’. In school we have been learning numbers up to 10. We have been practicing counting and saying how many, and matching numeral to quantity.  



In school we have been taking part in Phase 1 Phonics sessions daily. This helps us develop our listening skills. Games can be found on the link below.


What else can I work on at home?

We follow the EYFS framework to plan specific activities for your child. We are currently working on activities in ’30-50’ month age band. Please see the word document below which has lots of ideas of activities you can do with your child at home.

30-50 months – ideas for learning at home

As well as this page, children were also given a home learning pack to take home. If your child was absent then you can collect this from school when it is possible to do so. Remember, Nursery is also all about playing and having fun and I look forward to hear what exciting activities you have been doing at home when you come back to school.

Speak to you all very soon!

Keep safe and well,

Miss Marshall