Nursery have been looking at measuring this week. We have been looking at longer, taller and shorter, comparing amounts and have started measuring amounts using cubes. We talked about how the objects with more cubes were the longest. 
Well done to children on their first fantastic sports day. We tried hard and listened to instructions carefully, well done!

Children had a wonderful time during our farm visit last week! We saw lots of animals and learned lots of facts about them.

What was your favourite animal?

The Three Little Pigs 15.06.21 
We have also been very busy looking at the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We have been creating houses for the pigs using different materials and 3d shapes, creating little pigs independently using different resources and had lots of fun acting out the story in our small world area.
The children have lots of fun creating wanted posters for the wolf.  We put our posters up around school and we hope someone will have seen the big bad wolf! We have been practicing adding detail to our drawings, adding our name and are beginning to write some sounds we hear in words. 
Chicks 07.05.21 
The children have had a lovely week with our chicks, and we now have 7 chicks to look after! We have been busy talking about their life cycle, talking about what chicks need and drawing pictures. Next week, we can handle and help to change the chick’s brooder as they will be much stronger. 
Eggs in Nursery 04.05.21
We have had a fantastic start to out topic ‘What comes from eggs?’ and have some very special visitors in Nursery! We talked about why the eggs need an Incubator and what will happen once they hatch. I wonder if the eggs will hatch tomorrow? Can you think of any other animals that come from eggs? 
Growing 04/2021

We have had a fantastic few weeks learning all about what we can grow. We have been looking at lots of stories about growing and have each planted our own seeds.

We have been talking lots about what grows from plants and trees and talking about what plants need to grow.

Walter’s Web 24.03.21 

This week, we have been looking at the features of texts.

We have also been talking about the differences between pictures and words and spotting them in the story. We have been practicing trapping words and talking about what letters we can see.

Can you practice this with some books at home? 

Fruit Salad 10.03.21 
In Nursery, we have been reading about the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We have been talking about the foods he eats and the different foods we eat at home. We created our own fruit salad and used knives and forks to cut our fruit independently. 
Can you continue to practice using a knife and fork at home?
Well done to Nursery on a fantastic first week back, we have missed you! The children all settled so brilliantly and are very happy to be back to School. We spent time in provision and building relationships with others during our first week back.
Lost and Found 2.12.20
Nursery have had a special visitor this week! We have been looking at the story ‘Lost and Found’. We have had lots of fun learning about penguins and polar animals.
All kinds of People 25.11.20 
The children have had fun this week looking at different people. We have been looking at the story ‘All kinds of people’. We have been talking about how we are all different and how we are all special! During carpet time, we all worked together to draw our own person. We had to decide if the person would be tall or short, if they were happy or sad and what hair they had. The children chose spiky hair! 


Creative Learning 19.11.20 

The children are fabulous at creative activities! They are now using resources independently to make and create. All of our work is different 

and created from the children’s own ideas! We have been creating faces using different resources- I think they are fantastic!



Length and Measuring 16.11.20 

This week we have been looking at length. We have been using the language of long and short and comparing lengths. Can you keep practicing using this language at home? We have even been measuring how long an object is using cubes! We then talked about if the object would have more or less cubes if it was longer. We have enjoyed starting to explore with length and measure!

2d Shapes 02.11.20 
This week we have been looking at 2d shapes. We have been naming shapes and talking about their properties. We have also explored with shape sorters and inset jigsaws. The children also enjoyed making 2d shapes and shape pictures using lolly sticks. 
Can you practice recognising and naming 2d shapes at home? What shapes can you see? 
My Family 02.11.20
Nursery have had a super week looking at our families. The children have brought some super home learning pictures into school. We have been talking about who is in our family and how all families are different.  We have been making faces from shapes and playdough.
Please click on the powerpoint below to see what we learnt in Autumn 1!

Our Nursery Learning – Autumn 1

15.10.20 Why do leaves fall off the trees? 
In Nursery this week, we have been learning all about Autumn. We have been on an Autumn walk and had fun collecting leaves and talking about what we see during Autumn time.  We have also been creating Autumn pictures using objects we have collected. We have really enjoyed creating our own Autumn trees and exploring different textures and colours. We have also been busy looking at Autumn books and pumpkins! 
Can you go on an Autumn walk near your house at the weekend? What can you see? 
14.10.20 Fabulous creative work 

We have been busy making our own pictures using Autumnal objects this week. The children used their imagination and resources to make anything they wanted. Ideas included a treehouse, a ‘tree shark’ and even a grumpy old man!

Well done Nursery on your fabulous creative ideas!

07.10.20 Making predictions
We have had lots of fun this week experimenting with skittles! We talked about would happen when we added water and made predictions. We put the skittles in our curiosity cube and watched what happened over time. We found the skittles turned white and if we moved the plate, the colours mixed together!
23.09.20 Fantastic writing 
We have been enjoying drawing pictures on big paper on the floor this week. We had lots of fantastic ideas about what we wanted to draw! Can you practice drawing with your child and using lines and shapes to create pictures? Can you also get them to practice writing their name?
21.9.20 – Pete the Cat

This week, we have been learning about all about colour. We have been mixing colour using our hands, and using lots of different colours to create pictures and paintings.

We are looking at the story ‘Pete the cat’. The children have enjoyed joining in with Pete’s song. We have been talking about what colour different objects would change Pete’s shoes.

Here is the link for the Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj_z6zGQVyM

Remember to check your child’s dojo account for class updates too! 
Miss Marshall 
07.09.20 – Our first week in Nursery 
The children have had lots of fun since starting Nursery and are beginning to settle. Children have been exploring the environment and are beginning to interact and play with staff and teachers. The children have enjoyed playing in the water tray and we have been washing animals and creating tea for friends. The children have also enjoyed writing and painting using chunky markers, chalk, and crayons. We have had lots of fun using playdough too and are beginning to use the different tools to make and create. 
Children will start Nursery for the full session on Friday 11th September. Session times are 8.45am-11.45am/ 12.30pm-3.15pm. 
07.09.20 – Our new Nursery!  
Hi to all our children, parents and carers. Here you will find updates on our learning and lots of photos to look at. Please keep checking this page and the twitter page for any important information and pictures. 
This year, the children are very lucky because we have a brand-new Nursery with lots of new resources and areas. Building work will continue until Winter 2020 in which there will be a new Outside area and an extension to the new Nursery classroom. 
We are very sorry that parents cannot come into school with their children this year and we hope to invite you in soon. Below are some photos of our new learning environment. This includes a Water Area, Reading Area, Construction Area, Small world and Block Area, Science Area, Home corner, Painting and Creative Area and Playdough Area. The children have had lots of fun! 
Miss Marshall