Ashton West End Primary Academy

Our Curriculum

This section of our website is focused on our Curriculum and provides an overview of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework and the Curriculum offer for children in Years 1 to 6.

The Curriculum is all the planned activities that the school organises in order to promote learning, personal growth and development.  It includes not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also the range of additional opportunities that the school organises in order to enrich the experiences of our children. This includes an ever growing range of extracurricular opportunities available to our children across all year groups.

The National Curriculum includes English, mathematics, science, geography, history, music, art & design, computing, design & technology, languages (French in KS2), PSHE and physical education. We also teach Religious Education which is based on the Tameside Agreed Syllabus.


Children are taught phonics in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One. Interventions are in place to support children beyond Year 2 (i.e. Y3+) who have yet to acquire a basic phonological understanding. We use ‘Letters and Sounds’ guidance to teach phonics.

The teaching is fun and multi-sensory and works at a fast pace.

  • In the nursery our children begin with Phase One Letters and Sounds games to develop their listening skills and encourage them to explore sounds in speech. Children are taught Phases two to five across the Reception classes and Year One. In Year Two, children access Phase six phonic teaching.
  • The first step in learning to read and write is to learn the letter sounds. These are the building blocks for making words, both written and spoken.
  • Initially, the children are taught the letter sounds, rather than the letter names. Once their letter sounds are secure, they are introduced to the letter names and capital letters.
  • Blending is another skill we teach the children. Blending is the ability to run sounds together to hear a word and is essential for reading.
  • Children also learn to read and write tricky words and are supported in broadening their vocabulary.

Our Aims

Ashton West End Primary Academy aims to teach children how to grow into positive, responsible people, who can work and co-operate with others whilst developing knowledge and skills, so that they achieve all that they can. Our vision at the academy is, ‘Today I am proud of my school. Tomorrow my school will be proud of me.’ The pupils leave the school in year 6 with the values, attitudes and skills to be honest, hardworking and pro-active citizens with high aspirations for the future. We prepare our children for their learning journey through life, ensuring that they have fun, achieve well, learn how to keep safe and have excellent experiences that they will always remember.

Ashton West End Primary Academy aims to maximise social and academic potential for every pupil. Please view our long term plans by selecting the scheme of work documents below.

Art Scheme of Work

Computing Scheme of Work

DT Scheme of Work

English Scheme of Work

Geography Scheme of Work

History Scheme of Work

Maths Scheme of Work

MFL Scheme of Work

Music Scheme of Work

PE Scheme of Work

PSHE Scheme of Work

RE Scheme of Work

Science Scheme of Work

Half Termly Planning

Each half term, the teachers plan using half termly planning templates. This is an overview of what they intend to teach. We use the National Curriculum, EYFS Framework and our schemes of work to support us with this. You can view the half termly planning by selecting your child’s year group under the ‘Curriculum’ section.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

All pupils follow the National Curriculum at a level and a pace that is appropriate to their abilities. Our SEND philosophy places SEND children at the heart of personalised learning and our curriculum is tailored to meet individual pupils needs. At times and when it is felt appropriate, modifications to the curriculum may be implemented. To successfully match pupil ability to the curriculum, Ashton West End Primary Academy remains committed to:

  • A range of teaching and learning styles
  • Differentiated learning materials
  • Access to ICT and technology
  • Additional in class support
  • Additional out of class support
  • Targeted interventions
  • Flexible groupings – including small group support work
  • Innovative and supportive curriculum
  • The appropriate use of rewards and sanctions
  • A broad range of extra-curricular activities, including booster sessions, homework club, social and communication groups and fundamental movement skills
  • Assessment procedures that emphasise pupils’ strengths and achievements
  • Applications during national testing at Key Stage 2 to obtain access arrangements as appropriate.

For more information regarding SEND provision, please look at Our Local Offer and our SEND Policy which can be located in the ‘Information’ section on this website. If you would like any more information regarding SEND provision, please contact the SENCo in our school.

If you have any questions about our curriculum or the work we do in school, please speak to your child’s class teacher or alternatively, please contact the school and speak to one of our assistant head teachers or the head teacher.

Parents’ Information about Assessment in school