General Homework Information:

Ashton West End Primary Academy- Calculation Policy

If you are helping your child with their homework and would like to know what methods we use in school, then please click on our policy below and you will find out what they are taught for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Ks1 and Ks2 Calculation Policy

Here are some useful website that you can access to help your child with phonics, spellings, reading and maths.

Websites to help with learning

At Ashton West End Primary, we use a number of online learning platforms to support our pupils with learning in the classroom and at home. Please find further information below:

Websites pamphlet

*Phonics Play:

*BBC Schools:

*BBC Bitesize:

Espresso at home

Your child now has a username and password for Espresso. They can access it at home to support their learning in English, Maths and many other subjects. Please encourage them to use it when they have some spare time.

Espresso login