In September 2020, statutory requirements for relationships and health education came into force for all schools in England. Following a period of development and consultation, the updated curriculum has now been taught since January 2021.

Thank you to all parents who responded during the consultation period in the Summer term of 2020. As a school, we recognise the importance of partnership with our parents and value the contributions that have been made. Many parents were positive about the proposed curriculum and questions and concerns were addressed before the final version was agreed.

As a result of this consultation, and in line with other local schools, it was agreed that non-statutory sex education would not be taught and has been removed from our Year 6 curriculum. Approved vocabulary used on lessons has been adapted to reflect the age, maturity and cultural considerations of our pupils.

As non-statutory sex education has been removed from the curriculum, there is no longer a right to withdraw from PSHE lessons at Ashton West End.

It is our intention that the PSHE, RS&HE curriculum at Ashton West End Academy will enable children to develop the skills necessary to make a positive contribution to the society in which they live and to remain safe and healthy. The policy and SOW will be reviewed regularly to ensure that this remains the case.

As we are still in our first year of using the new scheme of work, there may be slight time table variations to the topics. I will endeavour to update the relevant documents as changes occur. If you have any questions, you can use the dedicated PSHE email:

Mrs L. Green

PSHE Subject Lead


PSHE and RS&HE Policy 2020


Scheme of Work – amended

Long Term Curriculum Overview



Tuesday 20th June 2023 – PSHE Coffee Morning

Thank you to all the parents who attended the PSHE coffee morning. The event was an opportunity for parents to find out more about how and why PSHE is taught at Ashton West End in a relaxed and social environment. We went over the statutory requirements for the subject and how this looks in each year group.

                At our school, we have consulted with parents and designed a curriculum to reflect the age, maturity and cultural considerations of our pupils. The curriculum overview was explained, including recent changes to the placement of puberty lessons in KS2. Parents were assured that future changes affecting the content of lessons would be subject to parental consultation.


Parents in attendance were pleased with the coverage and felt that any fears and questions they had coming into the meeting were addressed.

“Very happy with the content covered today. Puts my mind at ease.”

“Thank you for addressing key concerns we have and answering questions.”

“I am very happy about your concept of PSHE.”

Below is a link to the PowerPoint from the meeting. The updated scheme of work, with KS2 puberty changes, will be available on the website from September.

PSHE Coffee Morning


PSHE Learning at Ashton West End Primary