STAFF LIST 2019/2020

Teaching Staff:

Mr. M. Cummings                  Principal, Co-ordinator for computing, Child Protection and Performance Management

Mrs. E. Beswick                     Assistant Principal, Science Co-ordinator and Student Mentor

Miss K. Pizuti                         Assistant Principal, Curriculum Leader, Assessment and Mathematics (shared)

Ms  S. Barnett                       SENDCo and Child Protection

Mrs. L. Green                        Subject Leader: History and PSHE

Mrs. A. Etchells                     Subject Leader: Music

Mrs. J. Coyne                        Subject Leader for MFL and Art and Design

Miss Z. Fallows                     Subject Leader: Geography

Miss P. Mistry                        Subject Leader: P.E. and Healthy Lifestyle

Miss J. Lumb                         Subject Leader: English (shared)

Mrs A. Hardy                         Subject Leader: Design Technology

Miss S. Taylor                        Subject leader: Mathematics shared

Miss. M. Lavin                       Subject Leader: Religious Education

Mrs. C. Wright                       Teacher Reception and EMAS

Miss A. Coghlan                    Subject Leader: Computing (shared)

Miss L Marshall                     Subject Leader: EYFS Outdoor provision

Miss H. Parker                      Subject Leader: EYFS Outdoor provision

Mr A Nowak                         Class teacher

Miss L Pearson                    Class Teacher

Mrs. B. Ayaz                          Bilingual Teaching Assistant

Miss S. Steadman                 HLTA (Nursery / Reception)

Mrs. D. Higginson                  Learning Mentor and First Aider

Mrs. J. Millington                   Teaching Assistant

Miss A. Imran                        Teaching Assistant. Foundation Stage

Miss D. Merrington                Teaching Assistant

Miss  I    Azam                       Teaching Assistant

Mrs. S. Seedat                       Bilingual Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Y. Hussain                      HLTA Bilingual Teaching Assistant


Administration Staff:

Mr W. Lenhan                         Business Manager

Mrs M. Jones                          Administrator

Mrs R. Sheeran                       Secretary


Catering Staff:

Mrs S. White                             Kitchen Supervisor

Mrs M. Appleby                        Assistant Cook

Mrs J. Clayton                          Catering Assistant

Mrs J. Saxton                          Catering Assistant

Mrs A. Rider                             Catering Assistant


Site Manager:                           Mr. D Watson


Welfare Assistants (Lunchtime):

Mrs. Chowdhury

Miss. Jackson

Mrs. Mahmood

Miss.  Pomfret

Mrs.  Shafiq

Miss  Parker